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The Art Bead Scene challenge painting for August is Tres Personajes by Rufino Tamayo. I really love the abstract nature of this painting along with the colors.  Go read the fascinating story of how the painting was stolen, found on the street in New York and returned to its owner who then sold it at Sotheby’s. 



This art is copyrighted and is only shown for inspiration.

I love gray, and that was the main color I focused on when I went to design my piece for this challenge.  I had two different sets of gray beads in mind, but I didn’t end up using either of them.  Once you get the beads and the painting together, you have to go with what calls to you the most, and they just didn’t feel right.


The art beads I chose for this challenge are a red and yellow beauty by Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf Studio and these black textured squares by Duane Collins of Elements Pottery.  

I think the painting looks like the people are on a city street surrounded by swirling smoke, smog or haze.  Still, the beauty of the city shines through and the three people, who strike me as a family, are together.  

ImageI chose a gunmetal leather and various gray beads.  I especially like the three clear gray glass beads because they feel city-like to me.  I added a purple and gray glass (lampwork?) bead, a red bead that echoes the facets of the art bead as part of the closure, and red and purple beads for a dangle.  

I really love all the grays together and will have to start paying more attention to gray beads.  The bracelet feels like the painting to me pairing smoky glass with bright pops of purple and red and just a bit of yellow.  

Go to the Art Bead Scene flickr page throughout the month to check out other interpretations of this painting.  It’s always interesting to see what beautiful things other people create.