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When you have a lot of craft supplies, art supplies or products made from those supplies, you have a storage need.  In the past I had worked out storage solutions, but they are no longer working for me now as I have more and different types of supplies and made items.

It’s annoying not to be able to find the mate of an earring pair when I’m getting ready in the morning.  Usually I dig through a pile of jewelry and end up knocking over a whole bunch of stuff.  I decided not to keep doing that to myself!  I thought an easy solution to try would be earring cards.  They aren’t fancy; I just cut pieces of card stock.  I think it will be an improvement.


A bonus is that when I put these earring cards together, I found a number of earrings without a partner, damaged pieces or things I will never wear.  I can locate lost items, fix or repurpose things now that I can see what’s what!

For bracelets, I saw this great idea on Pinterest.  Wrap bracelets around old soda bottles.  Well, I tried a couple of glass bottles, but newer ones are too big.  Instead, I decided to try putting bracelets inside of pint Ball jars.  I’d eventually like something that protects them more, but for now this is better than a pile of them getting tangled up.


When I first got interested in art beads, my little pencil case with a removable insert was storage enough.


However, I started to outgrow that.  I wanted something shallow enough that I wouldn’t have lots of layers, not only to protect the beads, but also to make it easy to see them when I’m in the designing mood.

I happened to be at Tenuta’s Italian Deli that sells all manner of wonderful things, including cigar boxes after they sell the cigars.  I’ve purchased a number over the years for a variety of things.  This time they had three that looked perfect for beads.


I liked the eye-catching color (can’t lose these on my bead table!).  I have only filled one, so I’ll be able to buy a few more beads before I need another solution.  Perhaps using some of the beads is one solution.


I’m also trying to organize my craft room into a usable space.  Right now it looks like a tornado hit.  I do have some ideas in mind.  They are a little more complex than buying cigar boxes, and I’m a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to projects.  But I feel good about these storage solutions for now.

I’d love to hear about any storage solutions you’ve used, whether for jewelry, beads or something else.