Over the years I have made so much jewelry that I store it in strategically placed jewelry boxes in various locales around the house, not to mention three drawers in a chest in my craft room.  I was thinking about my next re-make project and idly opened a lovely jewelry box my mother made me some years ago out of a cigar box.

The first thing I found when I opened it was a baggie of various blue and green beads.  I must have stashed it there when I took something else apart or was cleaning up leftovers from another project.  It looked promising. 

The piece I decided to remake is a necklace I actually like well enough, but I never wore it that much.  It never seemed to be the right length or something.  Now it’s smaller than I need in length and substance.  A lot of the jewelry I made then is kind of spindly for me now, and part of re-making it is fattening it up a bit in heft and style.  Here is the before:



I’ve always had a fondness for mixed color beads.  I would probably have been tempted to go the multicolor route if I hadn’t come upon the blue and green beads.  That seems to be my design strategy many times – use what has surfaced.  I’m not sure if I should consider it serendipity or bad organization. 

I made a simple wire and bead chain with the blue and green beads I found in the bag as well as others I found in my stash or culled from other pieces I’m taking apart. 



I did a little better wire wrap on the pendant and included an art bead just cuz.  The brighter green lampwork bead third up on the left is from Genea. 



This necklace will definitely get more wear than the previous version. 



I also made a pair of earrings that include a few beads I got the last time I visited my parents, and my dad said I could rifle through his beads and take what I wanted.  (I wasn’t too greedy.) 



I’m still working to widen the techniques and materials I use, but I have to say beaded chain is one of my favorite looks.  Sometimes I think I should just make a few pieces and buy the rest from artists I like.  Other times I have grand plans about turning my garage into a workshop so I can make my own components.  We’ll see how one or both of those ideas progress.

Alright, I’m off to make Spicy Szechuan Eggplant with Tofu with the eggplant I got in my farm box last week.