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I got a great order from Happy Mango Beads recently.  I love the stuff I got, part craggy, neutral colored beads and part brightly colored.  I’ve never been someone who can resist a good strand of recycled glass or Christmas beads. 


When I saw the strand of bigger round recycled glass, although it doesn’t show that well in the photo, I could see the light bluish color.  I decided they might be just the thing for a blue tone Nancy Schindler pendant from Round Rabbit Extra.  I’m used to making necklaces without pendants, and it’s always a challenge to me to decide what I can use with a pendant without overwhelming it.  

ImageIn addition to the recycled glass, I wanted a couple of other things for interest, so I decided to use a few granite beads I also got from Happy Mango as well as a lovely blue bead I’ve had a while from Natalie Pappas of NKP Designs



I like the overall effect, although I might end up making it a bit shorter.  I did make it adjustable by using a lobster claw and chain to close. 

ImageThanks for looking!  I’m off to cook.  See you next time.