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The first time I ever saw a cast iron piece of furniture that looked like wood, I fell in love.  So when Nancy Schindler of Round Rabbit Extra listed some beautiful faux bois heart pendants, I was poised at my computer, determined to get one.  I’m quite a fan of her work, but I’m hoarding most of the pieces I’ve gotten.  There is always a fear I won’t do them justice.  Here are some examples below.


Recently I’ve developed some new favorite items on MissFickleMedia.  I always love pretty much everything on that site, but lately there have been particularly gorgeous weavings by Mary Jane Dodd and flourish copper bars in different patinas. 

I often leave new purchases out to inspire me.  I started looking at the faux bois heart, flourish bar and weaving and wondered if I could do them all justice by using them together.  I didn’t want the pendant to slide around too much on the bar and spend most of the day crooked, so I secured it onto the bar with butterscotch and red waxed linen. 


I knew I wanted to use the weaving on one side of the bar and something more than chain on the other side.  The weaving is delicate, so I wanted the opposite side to be relatively light.  I decided on some well-spaced Indonesian glass in the same green and blue “pop” colors of the weaving along with some more neutral glass beads that kept with the weaving’s color scheme. 

I really love the pieces in this necklace, so despite constant second-guessing of my designs, I can’t help but love the piece itself, even though I couldn’t seem to get a very good picture of it.  I tend to make longer pieces in general, but the description for the flourish bar says that it is “measured to accent a woman’s collar bone.”  All the inspiration photos for how to use the bars prove that is a great way to use it, so I did. 


I think this looks like a piece that would be worn by someone whose yoga and meditation practice are consistent for a healthy life.  I’ll wear it tomorrow and see if it inspires me!