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Art Jewelry Elements issued an earring challenge at the beginning of this year.  People could join for the whole year, one quarter or somewhere in between to make and post earrings each week.  The idea was to help jumpstart creativity. 

I often have lots of ideas swirling in my head that never come to fruition.  I did not join the challenge (I could never keep up).  However, upon reading the post for this week, I was moved to make a pair of earrings. 

I had been working on making a pair of earrings using some of the lovely wing ding beads I got from Genea.  She makes all sorts of beautiful beads, but I find the whimsy of the wing dings particularly charming. 


I added a little bundle of multi-color teardrop beads, some silver daisy spacers and a pretty blue glass bead left over from another project.  I’m pleased with this pair.  They are for me!

I made another pair of earrings for Free Art Friday – Wisconsin.  Free Art Friday is a movement of artists who create art and leave it somewhere in public for someone to find and keep.  There are chapters in various states and countries.  I found out about it through the posts of participant Angela Gruenke of Contents Jewelry.  What a great concept.  I love public art, generosity, and (good) surprises.  It benefits the artists because it feels good to give, but they also get in a little advertising, although I realize that is not the main point.  I don’t sell anything, but I thought this would be fun.  I love free public stuff, like Little Free Libraries


Based on the title of this post, I should have a third pair of earrings, but no.  I got my first box of veggies from my CSA this week, so I have to get cooking.

Thanks for reading!