As often as not, I make something and then decide it’s not quite right.  Sometimes I just lay it aside, and it languishes.  Or I re-make it, and I’m still not satisfied.  I know perfection doesn’t exist, and I’d like to break this pattern.  An example is a necklace I made yesterday.  My first try was unsatisfactory, so I took it apart and put it back together.  Here it is with three of the main things I would still change about it.  But do they really need changing?


I actually think it looks like a cute necklace.  I wonder if I’d like it if someone else had made it?  I’m not sure.  Here are three things I might change:

Silver wire – I didn’t have a small enough gauge of brass wire for the pearls, so I used a matte silver color.  Would brass really make much of a difference?  I don’t have a problem with mixed metals when other people use them.  I also generally like things that are higher contrast, and brass would blend in more.

Wing DingLove the little green wing ding bead by Genea.  However, I wonder if I should have put it down further on the strand.  I think I’d like how it would fit better.  I’m not sure this placement shows it off to its best advantage.

KnotI am happy that I used ribbon.  I try to use ribbon and am never happy with it.  I’m happy with this except for the knot.  I wonder if it’s too bulky.  Maybe I should have tied the pendant on with a little piece of the waxed linen that I used for other connections.

I’m surprised by the things that don’t bother me.  The messy wrap I tried on the pendant didn’t turn out like I wanted, and the wire wrapping on the ribbon ends isn’t that great.  It’s not even!  That doesn’t seem to bother me.  I know I’m often an “in the box” thinker; perhaps I’m stifling my own creativity.  I know I particularly love rough looking beads, messy wire wraps and that sort of thing when other people make them.

On a totally happy note, here are some lovelies I got in the mail today from Trinket Foundry.


My mother and I are going to each make a bracelet (see the design on Trinket Foundry’s Facebook page from June 4th).  The staff was wonderful in making sure I got what we needed for our beading weekend over July 4th.  I bought extra materials because they are so cute.  Those little glass circles will make great connectors for something!