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I have all these great beads that never see the light of day because I made them into jewelry years ago that is no longer my style.  I still like most of the beads if not the jewelry, so why not put them to (re)use?  I often find beads most beautiful just on their own, but I do like to eventually make them into something I can wear so they can come along with me on my daily adventures!

Back before the existence of etsy, I would sometimes buy beads from ebay.  I bought this beautiful set of lampwork beads and made them into a bracelet I never wear any more.  (Sadly, I don’t know the artist.) 

ImageLuckily, the peachy pink is perfect for a Jade Scott pendant I purchased.  I’m a big Jade Scott fan.  You generally won’t find anything listed in her store;  she is so popular, items sell almost immediately upon being listed.  Look at her sold items if you want to get a sense of her style. 

In considering how to put this necklace together, I again decided on a wire wrapped bead chain.  I promise I will branch out, but making two necklaces with this method gave me lots of great wire wrapping practice.  I opted for 22 gauge wire and large wraps and loops for lots of negative space so it wasn’t too busy, and the pendant didn’t get overwhelmed.

ImageI feel good about how this turned out and think I’ve mastered the wire wrap.  I can mark that off my “techniques to learn” list and move on to something else. 

Stay tuned!